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Lorck Schive Prize 2013

Tina Jonsbu
Lorck Schive Prize 2013
Trondheim Kunstmuseum

By Marius Meli

Tina Jonsbu works by hand to create complex and accurate drawings which, by their overwhelming volume, appear as a sign of abnormal dedication. The dedication to form, created as the pen meets the paper, bears proof of the time that has gone into the work.

Jonsbu’s artistic method is to allow strict, unbreakable rules to make up the framework for the art piece, which as such can be interpreted as conceptual. Still, a certain kind of beauty grows out of the sheer amount of work, creating a dynamic effect. Thoughts of op art, where patterns suddenly start moving, come to mind. But one might also think of the repetitious movements in traditional crafts, such as textiles.

Another important aspect of Jonsbu’s art is that it sets boundaries for the potentially infinite matter. The boundaries are set, either as the work concludes by its own logic, like the apoptosis (self destruction) of a cell, or by external causes, such as the wall ending. This could be compared to necrosis (external trauma). There is something uneasy about Jonsbu’s art; the matter that is threatening to grow uncontrollably, and self-generates.

Jonsbu presents time as a composite factor; the time it takes, the necessary discipline of action as a chaos controlling strategy. Her work visualises presence and proximity, where the strict confines of rules are always balanced against the unstable energy that controls the hand.