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Introduction to projects

This is some of the projects that Tina Jonsbu has done since 1997.
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Bus, tram and underground lines, 2005

Method: I have made 3 books – bus lines, tram lines and underground lines. Each book contains first a graphic route map (drawn from the various respectable bus, tram and underground routes). Then the individual lines are drawn on tracing paper, behind which is the line that I draw down when I travel that line from beginning to end. I sit the pen on the paper and let it follow the carriages movements
Material: Bound books with drawing paper and tracing paper, ink
Size: 23.5 × 21 cm
Year: 2005

Blue Bic book, 2006

Material/method: Blue book filled with blue doodles. Blue Bic biro on paper.
Size: 11 × 15 cm
Year: 8th June – 27th August 2006

Graph paper book

Material/method: Graph paper book where I circle the intersecting lines with pencil.
Size: A5
Year: 1999-

Folded book with Yngvild Færøy, 2006

Material/method: Pencil on paper. Concertina book. The pencil lines range from page to page. Every other page is drawn by Yngvild Færøy and Tina Jonsbu.
Size: 15.5 × 19 cm
Year: 2006

Portfolio with time drawings, 2002

Material/method: Portfolio with 20 drawings. I have blindly drawn doodles in pencil. Then the intersections are marked with a red stamp. Firstly, the doodles were drawn for 5 seconds, then for 10 seconds and after that for 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 seconds. Then 1minute, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15 20, 25 and 30 minutes.
Size: 25 × 26 cm
Year: 2002


Manual, 2006

Chewing gum marking
Contribution to `Manual – 27 art work which can be realized by the owner of the book´, produced by Line Løkken and Tine Aamodt, Oslo
ISBN: 978-82-92224-04-5
Size: 24 × 31 cm
Year: 2006

FUKT 7 1/2, 2009

Drawings in FUKT – magazine for contemporary drawing
Issue No 7 1/2 – 2009.


A2 (Red)

Material/method: One hundred arbitrary points per cm2
Pen: (Sakura) Pigma Micron 05, Archival ink, colour: Red
Paper : A2 graph paper (mm)

Papersize: A2 (594 × 420 mm)
Year: 2013

Photo: Ronny Danielsen

Produced with support from Lorck Schive

Raw umber, 2014

A2 (Raw umber) – vertical

A2 (raw umber) – horizontal

An attempt to fill each mm2 by one markers point
Line by line from the top edge to the bottom edge, and from left to right. When the marker is empty, a new marker completes.

Pen: Faber-castell PITT artist pen B, Indian ink – waterproof – maximum light-fastness , Raw umber 180***
Paper: A2 SELECTA millimeterpapir (kalkér)

Size: A2 (594×420 mm), inc. frame 65 × 48 cm
Year: 2014

Photo: Jørn Lang

On view at Kunstnerforbundet 8. may – 1. june 2014

Graph paper (mm)

Material/Method: Indian ink on graph paper. One marker point in each mm2. The sheets have different sizes, colors and lines.
The order of assembly is rising, chronologically by the Indian ink color number.

Pen: Faber-castell PITT artist pen B, Indian ink – waterproof – maximum light-fastness

Size: A4-A2
Year: 2009 –

Produced with support from Lorck Schive

No title (Rose)

Sheet 1 – The number of points is equal to the number mm2. The points are blindly drawn.
Sheet 2 – Check sheet. One cross for hundred points on sheet 1

Pen: (Sakura) Pigma Micron 01, Archival ink, Colour: Rose
Paper: A4 millimeterpapir

Size: 2 x A4 (210 × 297 mm)
Year: 2013

Produced with support from Lorck Schive

No title (37,5 h)

Material/methode: Blindly drawn points.
Each sheet is drawn on for an hour,
the last half an hour. Altogether 37, 5 hours.

Pen: Refillmarker 3,5 mm, acrylic paint 100 % cyan
Paper: A2 (420×594 mm), 3 & 30 mm2

Size: 38 pcs á 67,5 × 51 cm
Year: 2013

Photo: Ronny Danielsen

Produced with support from Lorck Schive

Drawings on cardboard

Material/method: Drawing on cardboard from sketchpads and notebooks
Size: A6 – A4
Year: 2010-


2A0, systematic points
2A0, arbitrary points

Pen: (Sakura) Pigma Micron 01, Archival ink, Colour: Rose
Papersize: 2A0 (1189×1682 mm)
Year: 2013

Photo: Ronny Danielsen

Produced with support from Lorck Schive

Index card

Material/method: Squared system made up by points which I draw pencil lines between. The points are set up by eye using pen and ink. There are many variations. I play with the number of points, distances, size and shape but always with a rectangular outline. It is exciting when an error occurs in the system.
They are drawn on new and used index cards and are presented in an index card holder.
Size: Card: 12/13.5 × 20 cm. Holder: 14 × 23 × 22 (Hxwxl)
Year: Began 2001

4A0, 2009

Material/method: Pencil drawing on paper.
Starting on the papers bottom edge, I draw lines with angles.
The angles split and double every third line. The distance between the vertical lines are the same the whole way.
Size: A40 (1682 × 2378 mm)
Year: 2009

Water damage collection

Material/method: Pencil on paper. A collection of sheets of paper, book paper and albums which have been water damaged. I draw a pencil contour around the damaged areas. Displayed in a collection box, on a shelf and on the wall.
Year: Began in 2002


Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall, 2011

29.01. – 13.03.2011
The exhibition TIDSROM showed five separate projects of Sidsel Hanum, Edith Lundebrekke, Tina Jonsbu, Marianne Lund and Anne Aanerud.
Curator: Harald Solberg

The Lorck Schive Art Award 2013

The Lorck Schive Art Award 2013
05.10.13 – 05.01.14
Trondheim Kunstmuseum

Nominees: Marianne Heier, Knut Åsdam, Tina Jonsbu and Lene Berg.

Photo: Ronny Danielsen

Produced with support from Lorck Schive

For more information on the works from this exhibition see the category `Drawing´.

Kunstnerforbundet, 2009

Exhibition at Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo

The exhibition is made up of pencil drawings on paper. The work is from 2008-2009. In addition, the work `Water damage collection´ is presented by a picture on the wall and paper and files on a shelf.
Size: A5 – 4A0

For more information on the works from this exhibition see the category `Drawing´.

Porsgrunn Kunstforening, 2008

Exhibition at Porsgrunn Kunstforening

The exhibition is made up by pencil drawings on paper.
The work is from 2008. In addition, the work `Water damage collection´is displayed with a picture on the wall and paper and albums on a shelf.

For more information about this exhibition see the `Drawing´category

Trønderlag Centre for Contemporary Art, 2006

Kari Steihaug and Tina Jonsbu

The exhibition was made up of individual work by Kari Steihaug and Tina Jonsbu. In the installation `Archive´ presented was new and old, begun and finished collections and drawing projects by both artists. They were presented in the form of books, portfolios, index´s and boxes, on the wall, shelves and in draws.

Tegnerforbundet, 2005

The exhibition was made up of drawing projects on the wall and in an `archive´displayed on a table

For more information about this work see the Drawing and Books categories


Rogaland Kunstsenter 2003

Material/method: Drawings on table and wall. I have made a spinning top in aluminium. A fixed HB pencil draws when the spinning top is set in motion. I spin it once on each sheet of paper.
Year: 2005

TID 2001, project 1

Material/method: In concrete there are imprints from woodwork. I have marked each knot with an orange ring of clingfilm – outside and inside in the open spaces of the museum.
Year: 2001
Location: Hedemark museum, Domkirkeodden, Hamar

One hundred waxed matchsticks

Material/method: One hundred matches dipped in candle wax and formed between the fingers. Displayed in a museum draw.
Size: 51 × 41 × 5.5 cm
Year: 2001


Material/method: Points of fluid blue clay spread over all surfaces in the room
Year: 1997

TENDENSER 2000, Galleri F15

Material/method: 500 books bound with rubber bands, shelf of 25mm mdf board
Size: 280 × 305 × 35 cm
Year: 2000

Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall 2000

Flying plates and other dishes

Material/method: Plasteline balls rolled between to fingers and thrown randomly at painted circular felt
Size: 400 cm in diameter
Year: 2000

Biennale Syd 98

Material/method: Dry, broken clay pieces suspended against the wall with dress pins.
Size: 610 × 290 × 280/320 cm (l x w x h)
Year: 1998


Kjerringøy 1997

Material/method: Stones and feathers made in system. Partner project with Grete Wexels Riser
Year: 1997

Police Academy, Kongsvinger, 2009

Commissioned by Kongsvinger municipality

22 pencil drawings, size A4
1 pencil drawing, size 4A0

Norwegian Embassy Residence, Copenhagen, 2007

Commissioned by KORO. Two drawings

Drawing 1:
A Continuous Line, 2005

Drawing 2:
One Hundred Turns, 2003

The Accident Investigation Board, Norway, 2010

Commissioned by KORO. Two drawings from the series 2A0

Size: 2A0 (1189×1682 mm) excl. frame
Year: 2009

Mysen school, 2003

Material/method: The wall is filled and the surface is brushed to a matt and even surface. I have drawn horizontal and vertical pencil lines blindly from right to left. The intersections are marked with a blue stamp
Size: Ca. 250/350 × 600 cm
Year: 2003


Chewing gum marking
Generator 2007
Material/method: 10th June 2007 all of the chewing gum on the pavement was circled with white chalk in the streets of Munkegata/Nordre gate/Dronningens gate and Olav Tryvasons gate in Trondheim. Pupils from Gerhard Schønings school took part in the project which disappeared after several days
Year: 2007


Material/method: During Stamsund International Theatre festival 2003 I was one of 6 artists invited to do site specific projects in the streets of Stamsund. I painted all the drawing pins and staples that were used in the main street (ca. 3km). I found them on billboards, bus shelters, house walls and street lights. They were painted with reflective orange paint.
Year: 2003