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Blue Bic book, 2006

Material/method: Blue book filled with blue doodles. Blue Bic biro on paper.
Size: 11 × 15 cm
Year: 8th June – 27th August 2006

Bus, tram and underground lines, 2005

Method: I have made 3 books – bus lines, tram lines and underground lines. Each book contains first a graphic route map (drawn from the various respectable bus, tram and underground routes). Then the individual lines are drawn on tracing paper, behind which is the line that I draw down when I travel that line from beginning to end. I sit the pen on the paper and let it follow the carriages movements
Material: Bound books with drawing paper and tracing paper, ink
Size: 23.5 × 21 cm
Year: 2005

Folded book with Yngvild Færøy, 2006

Material/method: Pencil on paper. Concertina book. The pencil lines range from page to page. Every other page is drawn by Yngvild Færøy and Tina Jonsbu.
Size: 15.5 × 19 cm
Year: 2006

Graph paper book

Material/method: Graph paper book where I circle the intersecting lines with pencil.
Size: A5
Year: 1999-

Portfolio with time drawings, 2002

Material/method: Portfolio with 20 drawings. I have blindly drawn doodles in pencil. Then the intersections are marked with a red stamp. Firstly, the doodles were drawn for 5 seconds, then for 10 seconds and after that for 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 seconds. Then 1minute, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15 20, 25 and 30 minutes.
Size: 25 × 26 cm
Year: 2002