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Biennale Syd 98

Material/method: Dry, broken clay pieces suspended against the wall with dress pins.
Size: 610 × 290 × 280/320 cm (l x w x h)
Year: 1998

Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall 2000

Flying plates and other dishes

Material/method: Plasteline balls rolled between to fingers and thrown randomly at painted circular felt
Size: 400 cm in diameter
Year: 2000


Material/method: Points of fluid blue clay spread over all surfaces in the room
Year: 1997

One hundred waxed matchsticks

Material/method: One hundred matches dipped in candle wax and formed between the fingers. Displayed in a museum draw.
Size: 51 × 41 × 5.5 cm
Year: 2001

Rogaland Kunstsenter 2003

Material/method: Drawings on table and wall. I have made a spinning top in aluminium. A fixed HB pencil draws when the spinning top is set in motion. I spin it once on each sheet of paper.
Year: 2005

TENDENSER 2000, Galleri F15

Material/method: 500 books bound with rubber bands, shelf of 25mm mdf board
Size: 280 × 305 × 35 cm
Year: 2000

TID 2001, project 1

Material/method: In concrete there are imprints from woodwork. I have marked each knot with an orange ring of clingfilm – outside and inside in the open spaces of the museum.
Year: 2001
Location: Hedemark museum, Domkirkeodden, Hamar