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Chewing gum marking
Generator 2007
Material/method: 10th June 2007 all of the chewing gum on the pavement was circled with white chalk in the streets of Munkegata/Nordre gate/Dronningens gate and Olav Tryvasons gate in Trondheim. Pupils from Gerhard Schønings school took part in the project which disappeared after several days
Year: 2007


Material/method: During Stamsund International Theatre festival 2003 I was one of 6 artists invited to do site specific projects in the streets of Stamsund. I painted all the drawing pins and staples that were used in the main street (ca. 3km). I found them on billboards, bus shelters, house walls and street lights. They were painted with reflective orange paint.
Year: 2003

Kjerringøy 1997

Material/method: Stones and feathers made in system. Partner project with Grete Wexels Riser
Year: 1997

Mysen school, 2003

Material/method: The wall is filled and the surface is brushed to a matt and even surface. I have drawn horizontal and vertical pencil lines blindly from right to left. The intersections are marked with a blue stamp
Size: Ca. 250/350 × 600 cm
Year: 2003

Norwegian Embassy Residence, Copenhagen, 2007

Commissioned by KORO. Two drawings

Drawing 1:
A Continuous Line, 2005

Drawing 2:
One Hundred Turns, 2003

Police Academy, Kongsvinger, 2009

Commissioned by Kongsvinger municipality

22 pencil drawings, size A4
1 pencil drawing, size 4A0

The Accident Investigation Board, Norway, 2010

Commissioned by KORO. Two drawings from the series 2A0

Size: 2A0 (1189×1682 mm) excl. frame
Year: 2009